“Mavoungu” by Lolo-Lolitta and his Likwe-Likwe Band - album review

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Recorded in the Ivorian capital of Abidjan, this lively and entertaining production features 3 pieces, with the blistering first side taking the honours. Nigerian engineer Jubril Ogungbade works the desk well, getting the best out of the singer and the very fine players. Not a lot is written about the performer, but I've had a go about finding out as much as I can.

Born in Congo-Brazzaville, Lolita Babindamana was an internationally renowned dancer, choreographer, singer and musician who went on to teach dance worldwide for some 25 years. As a singer he was most commonly known by his stage name Lolo Lolitta which, as far as I can tell, can be interpreted along the same lines as Richard Penniman billing himself as Little Richard. Lolita began dancing at the age of 4 and went as far as being a dancer-choreographer with the National Ballet of Congo-Brazzaville. In his African years of the late 70s and early 80s it seems to have been the singing which was to the fore in his work, and for several years he recorded several albums with his pal, Pambou Tchicaya Tchico. At this time he seems to have been a bit of a wanderer, recording in several central African countries and living for some time in Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Like Tchico Tchicaya, Lolita moved to Paris circa 1983, where he concentrated his energies on teaching African dance. In 1996 Lolita founded Ballet Theatre Lokolé dance company which has toured throughout France and Africa. An example of a true artist, Lolita’s virtuosity in singing, dance, drumming and mbira playing extended his performance experience outside the theatrical world in to the fields of television and radio throughout Europe, the USA, and the Caribbean. He went on to collaborate with a number of African music legends including Soukouss Machine, 4 Etoiles (Les Quatre Etoiles) and Kanda Bongo Man. A 2002 stroke left him with a facial paralysis, and he would leave Paris where he had been teaching music and dance, retiring to Abidjan.

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A [16:31] 7.0.png Lolo-Lolitta and his Likwe-Likwe Band - Ambiance A Abidjan (Lolita Babindamana) Africana
B1 [09:36] 6.1.png Lolo-Lolitta and his Likwe-Likwe Band - Samboulouma (Lolita Babindamana) Africana
B2 [08:25] 6.4.png Lolo-Lolitta and his Likwe-Likwe Band - Malelissa (Lolita Babindamana) Africana
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