“Negro Folk Songs” by Lead Belly - album review

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TJR says

Recorded circa October 1943 and thought to have been issued in 1944, although that has been impossible to prove via press, so far. The set was reissued (or issued for the first time) on Disc Records 660 in 1946. The Life And Legend Of Leadbelly (Charles K. Wolfe, Kip Lornell) notes that Asch 561 was scheduled but that it remains unclear as to whether it actually saw release, possibly due to the restrictions placed on Shellac, deemed to be a strategic material by government.

The Jukebox Rebel

A [03:52] 6.0.png Lead Belly - Bring Me Lil Water Silvy / Julia Ann Johnson / Line ‘Em / Whoa Back Buck (Huddie Ledbetter) Folk
B [03:19] 5.8.png Lead Belly - Meeting At The Building / Talking Preaching / We Shall Walk Through The Valley (Huddie Ledbetter) Folk
C [03:08] 6.3.png Lead Belly - Fiddler’s Dream / Yallow Gal / Green Corn (Huddie Ledbetter) Folk
D [03:07] 5.8.png Lead Belly - Cow Cow Yicky Yea / Out On The Western Plains (Traditional - Huddie Ledbetter) Folk
E [04:15] 7.0.png Lead Belly - John Hardy [1943 version] (Huddie Ledbetter) Folk
F [04:02] 6.5.png Lead Belly - Noted Rider / Big Fat Woman / Borrow Love And Go (Huddie Ledbetter) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
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