“Big Science” by Laurie Anderson - album review

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TJR says

The 34-year-old visual performance artist turns her career right on its head with this seminal release, and suddenly the World of Theatre comes to Art Rock. From the 'Max Headroom' pilot joking around on a doomed flight on “From The Air”, to the deadpan yodelling on the “title track”, to the re-construction of the aria “O Superman (For Massenet)” (“O Souverain, O juge, O père" - O Sovereign, O Judge, O Father) from Jules Massenet’s 1885 opera 'Le Cid'; you never quite know what she’s gonna get up to next - and there’s never a dull moment. “So hold me, Mom, in your long arms. Your petrochemical arms. Your military arms. In your electronic arms.” Who could possibly deny such brilliance? Laurie’s wit, intelligence and style is at once thought provoking and highly entertaining, lyrically and musically. What fun to see the avant-garde go over-ground.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:29] 8.8.png Laurie Anderson - From The Air (Laurie Anderson) New Wave
A2 [06:14] 8.6.png Laurie Anderson - Big Science (Laurie Anderson) New Wave
A3 [02:18] 7.9.png Laurie Anderson - Sweaters (Laurie Anderson) Alternative Folk
A4 [02:10] 8.2.png Laurie Anderson - Walking And Falling (Laurie Anderson) Poetry
A5 [04:56] 7.5.png Laurie Anderson - Born, Never Asked (Laurie Anderson) Avant-Garde
B1 [08:21] 10.0.png Laurie Anderson - O Superman (For Massenet) (Laurie Anderson) Electronica
B2 [02:59] 7.5.png Laurie Anderson - Example #22 (Laurie Anderson) Avant-Garde
B3 [03:51] 9.5.png Laurie Anderson - Let X=X (Laurie Anderson) Electronica
B4 [03:01] 8.8.png Laurie Anderson - It Tango (Laurie Anderson) New Wave

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