“Djessy ● Dyna” by Kanda Bongo Man - album review

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TJR says

Doesn't quite soar to the fiery heights of last year's debut, but that's a relative complaint, and Diblo's sebenes fully merit the 'brilliant' rating. Listen to how Kanda himself comes alive when the group whip up the storm. Creating the magic in Paris are: Kanda Bongo Man (vocals); Diblo Dibala (lead guitar); Aime Kobo (rhythm guitar); Shaba Kahamba (bass guitar) and Domingo Salsero (drums).

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [09:20] 7.7.png Kanda Bongo Man - Djessy (Kanda Bongo Man) Africana
A2 [06:42] 7.0.png Kanda Bongo Man - Tens (Kanda Bongo Man) Africana
B1 [08:22] 8.3.png Kanda Bongo Man - Dyna (Kanda Bongo Man) Africana
B2 [07:46] 7.8.png Kanda Bongo Man - Ida (Kanda Bongo Man) Africana

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