“In Nah Disco Style” by Johnny Osbourne - album review

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TJR says

That's a skanking dancehall on the cover - thankfully there are no flirtations with disco fashions on the second of three Johnny Osbourne albums in 1981, produced by the 36-year-old Linval Thompson who was getting ever-deeper into life behind the desk by this point. It's a decent enough set, even if I'm turning my nose up at the dub versions and a non-Osbourne inclusion adversely fleshing out the content. The rocking beat of “Girl Of My Complexion” is my favourite on side one, even if the lyrics are a bit lame: “Girl Of My Complexion, are you going in my direction, do you need my protection, to guide you along the way?” As well as addressing the ladies, Johnny pleas to the “Rude Boys” to calm down their gun business, referring to them as his brothers and that “we are family”. Serious. With a neat sense of flow, “Jah Jah Say So” ends the record positively; black and white unite, stop all the fussin' and fightin', echoing Far I's live up right message of the year; Livity.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:26] 6.3.png Johnny Osbourne - Love Comes And Goes (Errol Osbourne, Linval Thompson) Reggae
A2 [03:56] 6.4.png Johnny Osbourne - Nightfall (Errol Osbourne, Linval Thompson) Reggae
A3 [03:30] 5.5.png Johnny Osbourne - Nightfall Dub (Linval Thompson) Reggae
A4 [05:34] 7.1.png Johnny Osbourne - Girl Of My Complexion (Errol Osbourne, Linval Thompson) Reggae
A5 [02:58] 6.2.png Johnny Osbourne - Kiss Somebody (Errol Osbourne, Linval Thompson) Reggae
A6 [03:29] 5.5.png Johnny Osbourne - Kiss Somebody Dub (Linval Thompson) Reggae
B1 [03:11] 6.3.png Johnny Osbourne - Quashi (Errol Osbourne, Linval Thompson) Reggae
B2 [03:13] 5.8.png Papa Tullo - Quashi Style (Linval Thompson) Reggae
B3 [04:15] 7.7.png Johnny Osbourne - Rude Boys (Errol Osbourne, Linval Thompson) Reggae
B4 [04:30] 6.5.png Johnny Osbourne - Jah Jah Say So (Errol Osbourne, Linval Thompson) Reggae
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