“Hymns From The Heart” by Johnny Cash - album review

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TJR says

A second album of “pop gospel” from Johnny Cash, which is all very tame and comes complete with those ridiculous “Ovaltineys” studio backing singers. I often wonder why he didn’t just get a bona-fide gospel choir on-board for these sessions…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:27] 4.3.png Johnny Cash - He’ll Understand And Say Well Done (Roger Wilson) Country
A2 [02:49] 4.6.png Johnny Cash - God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away (Ted Harris) Country
A3 [02:01] 5.0.png Johnny Cash - I Got Shoes (Johnny Cash, Charlie Williams) Pop
A4 [02:47] 5.2.png Johnny Cash - When I’ve Learned Enough To Die (Ray Baker, Buddy Killen, Delbert Wilson) Country
A5 [02:14] 4.0.png Johnny Cash - Let The Lower Lights Be Burning (Philip Bliss) Country
A6 [03:02] 4.4.png Johnny Cash - If We Never Meet Again (Albert E. Brumley) Country
B1 [02:26] 4.2.png Johnny Cash - When I Take My Vacation In Heaven (Herbert Buffum, R.E. Winsett) Country
B2 [01:52] 5.1.png Johnny Cash - Taller Than Trees (Lee Ferebee) Country
B3 [03:00] 4.2.png Johnny Cash - I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone (Charles Durham, Tom Ramsey) Country
B4 [02:04] 3.8.png Johnny Cash - When He Reached Down His Hand For Me (G.E. Wright) Country
B5 [02:00] 3.9.png Johnny Cash - My God Is Real (Kenny Morris) Country
B6 [02:14] 4.7.png Johnny Cash - These Hands (Eddie Noack) Country

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