“Step We Gaily” by Jimmy Shand and his Band - album review

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TJR says

As any mobile DJ in Scotland will tell you, a Jimmy Shand LP is almost an essential part of the armoury. By 1960, the 42-year-old accordionist from Auchtermuchty was already at the legendary stage, having been recording since 1933. His output in the 1950s was extremely prolific, releasing a new single every month at his peak in the mid-50s. Richard Thompson, whose Dad was Scottish and a keen Shand collector, is on record as saying he had a love-hate relationship with Jimmy Shand. That makes me chuckle – I know exactly what he means. Love seems to have won out in the end in 1991 as he penned a tribute song “Don't Sit on My Jimmy Shands” on which he sings: “Call me precious I don't mind, 78s are hard to find, You just can't get the shellac since the war, This one's the Beltona brand, Finest label in the land, They don't make them like that anymore” 4 great facts about oor Jimmy: • More than 330 compositions are credited to Jimmy Shand. • In 1985, British Rail named a locomotive Jimmy Shand. • He was dissatisfied with the chromatic button-key accordions available on the market in the 1940s so he designed his own one. • The Hohner company manufactured the “Shand Morino” until the 1970s. He is the only artist worldwide to have his name used by the Hohner company as a model name for a musical instrument. The Shand Morino! Love it! Who could fail to be impressed by that?

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [05:32] 5.4.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Reel: Mairi’s Wedding / Peat Fire Flame / I Wish I Were Married / Happy We’ve Been A’Together (Traditional - Marjory Kennedy-Fraser) Folk
A2 [05:54] 5.2.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Strathspey: Jenny’s Bawbee / Sidlaw Hills / Gallant Fireman / Lad Wi’ The Plaidie (Traditional - Jim Watson - Traditional - Traditional) Folk
A3 [03:22] 4.5.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Waltz Country Dance: Wi’ A Hundred Pipers / Rothesay Bay / Green Grow The Rashes O’ / The Laird O’ Cockpen (Traditional - Traditional - Traditional - Traditional) Folk
A4 [06:36] 4.2.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Jig: Miss Mary Douglas / Captain White / Teviot Brig (Traditional - Traditional - Traditional) Folk
A5 [04:27] 4.0.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Reel: The Duke Of Perth / Come Let Us Dance And Sing / Drumleys / The Lass O’ Patie’s Mill (Traditional - Traditional - Traditional - Traditional) Folk
B1 [04:28] 4.2.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Jig: Prince O’ Wales Jig / Kenmuir’s On And Awa’ / Jackson’s Jig (Traditional - Traditional - Traditional) Folk
B2 [07:45] 3.7.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Strathspey: The Braes O’ Tullymet / Miss Stewart Of Grantully / Captain Campbell / Miss Drummond Of Perth (Traditional - Traditional - Traditional - Traditional) Folk
B3 [04:20] 4.0.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Reel: Maxwell’s Rant / Lass O’ Gowrie / Maggie Lauder (Traditional - Traditional - Traditional) Folk
B4 [04:21] 4.3.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Strathspey: The Road To The Isles / Castles In The Air (Marjory Kennedy-Fraser - Traditional) Folk
B5 [04:28] 4.5.png Jimmy Shand and his Band - Jig: Machine Without Horses / My Wife’s A Wanton Wee Thing / Glendaurel Highlanders (Traditional - Traditional - Traditional) Folk

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