“Sings” by Jim Reeves - album review

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TJR says

Having lost his star performer to RCA earlier in the year, Fabor Robison decided upon one last hurrah, rounding up Jim’s single sides from 1953 to 1954 therefore beating RCA to the punch with the debut Jim Reeves album. “Sings” was issued in November and featured all the hits which had established him in the country market in the past couple of years, including “Mexican Joe”, “Drinking Tequila”, “Penny Candy” and “The Wilder Your Heart Beats”. A sharp operator, Fabor relicensed his Jim Reeves recordings to RCA who repackaged them again with the “Bimbo” compilation LP in the autumn of 1956.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:45] 4.5.png Jim Reeves - I’ll Follow You (Walter Scott) Country
A2 [02:25] 3.9.png Jim Reeves - Where Does A Broken Heart Go? (Mary Reeves) Country
A3 [02:46] 3.0.png Jim Reeves - Drinking Tequila (Bob Center) Country
A4 [02:40] 3.5.png Jim Reeves and The Circle O Ranch Boys - Mexican Joe (Mitchell Torok) Country
A5 [02:35] 3.8.png Jim Reeves - Give Me One More Kiss (Bob Center) Country
A6 [02:41] 5.5.png Jim Reeves - Mother Went A Walkin’ (Tom Bearden) Country
B1 [02:32] 3.0.png Jim Reeves - Penny Candy (Cal Veale) Country
B2 [02:21] 4.3.png Jim Reeves - My Rambling Heart (Jim Amadeo, Don Grashey) Country
B3 [02:26] 4.4.png Jim Reeves - Red Eyed And Rowdy (Tom Perryman, Jim Reeves) Country
B4 [02:19] 2.6.png Jim Reeves - Beatin’ On A Ding Dong (Idell Shelton) Country
B5 [02:41] 3.2.png Jim Reeves - The Wilder Your Heart Beats (The Sweeter Your Love) (John Meredith) Country
B6 [02:36] 4.0.png Jim Reeves with Alvadean Coker - Are You The One? (Buddy DeVal, Don Grashey) Country
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