“Jim Reeves” by Jim Reeves - album review

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TJR says

Nothing doing on the third Jim Reeves album – he’s become as ovaltiney as Pat Boone.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:32] 4.6.png Jim Reeves - Teardrops In My Heart (Vaughn Horton) Pop Ballad
A2 [02:05] 4.5.png Jim Reeves - I Get The Blues When It Rains (Marcy Klauber, Harry Stoddard) Pop
A3 [02:35] 4.1.png Jim Reeves - You Belong To Me (Pee Wee King, Chilton Price, Redd Stewart) Pop Ballad
A4 [01:52] 3.6.png Jim Reeves - Everywhere You Go (Mark Fisher, Joe Goodwin, Larry Shay) Pop
A5 [02:23] 4.4.png Jim Reeves - Need Me (Jim Reeves) Pop Ballad
A6 [02:33] 3.9.png Jim Reeves - I Care No More (Jesse Ashlock) Pop Ballad
B1 [02:30] 2.7.png Jim Reeves - My Happiness (Borney Bergantine, Betty Peterson) Pop Ballad
B2 [02:11] 3.6.png Jim Reeves - Yours (Quiereme Mucho) (Augustin Rodriguez, Gonzalo Roig, Jack Sherr) Pop
B3 [02:24] 3.2.png Jim Reeves - That’s My Desire (Helmy Kressa, Carroll Loveday) Pop Ballad
B4 [02:27] 3.7.png Jim Reeves - Blues In My Heart (Jenny Carson, Red Foley) Country
B5 [02:42] 4.3.png Jim Reeves - I Don’t See Me In Your Eyes Anymore (Bennie Benjamin, George David Weiss) Pop Ballad
B6 [02:39] 3.3.png Jim Reeves - Final Affair (Jim Reeves) Pop Ballad

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