“Good N Country” by Jim Reeves - album review

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TJR says

Another semi-decent set from the unlikeliest character ever to find his way into Rebel affections. When he steps away from the pop restraints of the countrypolitan sound, and just delves headlong into the bona-fide raw Nashville tearjerkers, he’s an altogether different proposition, and such is the case on this LP. Forsaken love is the story on the country boogie number, “Little Ole Dime”, the best track on Side 1: “Little ole dime, you're the last of a pocket full, I put all the others in this telephone, I've called all over town for a lost love, let this last number be the right one” In a similar boogie style, “Lonely Music” is terrific on side 2, man got the lonely music jukebox blues: “An empty glass, another coin in the jukebox, this pain inside, keeps hurtin' on and on”. The blues drive our man to the album’s major highlight, “Bottle, Take Effect”: “You've took away my fortune, while I drank away my pride, humiliation's my misfortune, and there's no place left to hide. The best place is the gutter, there I won't need respect, 'Cause when in Rome, you'll do as the Romans do, oh bottle, take effect” Ooft! Good n Country, ser. Good n Country.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:23] 3.6.png Jim Reeves - Don’t Let Me Cross Over (Penny Jay) Country
A2 [03:06] 6.4.png Jim Reeves - There’s A Heartache Following Me (Ray Baker) Country
A3 [02:43] 5.0.png Jim Reeves - The Talking Walls (Mattie O’Neil) Country
A4 [03:25] 7.0.png Jim Reeves - Little Ole Dime (Jim Carroll) Country
A5 [02:20] 4.7.png Jim Reeves - The World You Left Behind (Alex Zanetis) Country
B1 [02:29] 4.3.png Jim Reeves - I’ve Enjoyed As Much Of This (As I Can Stand) (Bill Anderson) Country
B2 [02:25] 7.8.png Jim Reeves - Lonely Music (Johnny Elgin) Country
B3 [03:23] 8.9.png Jim Reeves - Bottle, Take Effect (Jim Reeves) Country
B4 [02:01] 6.2.png Jim Reeves - You Kept Me Awake Last Night (Jim Reeves) Country
B5 [02:55] 5.3.png Jim Reeves - Before I Died (Jim Carroll) Country

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