“Sings Raw Soul” by James Brown - album review

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TJR says

Released April 1967 (King K1016). This was all-new JB, with 2 tracks recompiled from 1964’s still-born “Out Of Sight” LP - “Till Then” and “Only You”. I’m guessing since King used Smash recordings there were handhakes behind the scenes! The 9 originals were in the stylish and modern soul-dance style, whilst the 3 crooner covers (Mills Brothers, Platters, Gladys Swarthout) were out of time, out of place and out of order!

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:45] 6.4.png James Brown - Bring It Up (Hipster’s Avenue) [1967 version] (James Brown, Nat Jones) Soul
A2 [03:41] 8.2.png James Brown - Don’t Be A Dropout (James Brown, Nat Jones) Soul
A3 [02:40] 4.3.png James Brown - Till Then (Eddie Seiler, Sol Marcus, Guy Wood) Crooner / Cabaret
A4 [01:41] 5.1.png James Brown - Tell Me That You Love Me [live ’66] (James Brown, Bud Hobgood) Soul
A5 [03:10] 4.5.png James Brown - Yours And Mine (Arthur Freed, Nacio Herb Brown) Orchestra Dance
A6 [02:49] 7.6.png James Brown and The Famous Flames - Money Won’t Change You, part 1 (James Brown, Nat Jones) Soul
B1 [02:22] 7.5.png James Brown and The Famous Flames - Money Won’t Change You, part 2 (James Brown, Nat Jones) Soul
B2 [02:51] 5.8.png James Brown - Only You (Buck Ram, Ande Rand) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B3 [02:57] 6.7.png James Brown - Let Yourself Go [1967 version] (James Brown, Bud Hobgood) Soul
B4 [03:15] 4.1.png James Brown - The Nearness Of You (Hoagy Carmichael, Ned Washington) Pop Ballad
B5 [03:21] 6.5.png James Brown - Nobody Knows (James Brown, James Crawford) Soul Ballad
B6 [02:46] 5.4.png James Brown - Stone Fox [1967 version] (James Brown, Bud Hobgood) Soul

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