“Come By Here” by Inez and Charlie Foxx - album review

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TJR says

Second album proper from the sibling duo of 22-year-old Inez on lead vocals, and her big brother Charlie on backing vocals and guitar. Production duties were handled by Inez’s husband, Luther Dixon. Inez is the star with her nicely poised vocal – highly soulful and emotive without resorting to the cheesy. They do like a bit of drama mind you – it was a highlight of their concert performances of the time when Inez would render a pleading rendition of “I Stand Accused” which finished with a supposedly distraught Inez singing the last verse, while being carried offstage by Charlie. Straight from the school of JB stage presence! The band are highly skilled in the art of southern soul, and are equally adept at driving the dancefloor rhythm as they are at empathising with the emotive ballad. This whole package gets the thumbs up from me…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:22] 7.7.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - Come By Here (Luther Dixon, Inez Foxx, Barbara Jean Gaskins) Soul
A2 [02:59] 7.0.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - My Special Prayer (Wini Scott) Soul
A3 [02:35] 6.3.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - Tightrope (Charlie Foxx) Soul
A4 [03:17] 6.6.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - No Stranger To Love (Luther Dixon, Inez Foxx, Barbara Jean Gaskins) Soul
A5 [02:51] 5.9.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - Baby Take It All (Charlie Foxx) Soul
B1 [03:04] 6.9.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - I Stand Accused (Jerry Butler, Billy Butler) Soul
B2 [03:41] 7.0.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - Guilty (Luther Dixon, Charlie Foxx) Soul
B3 [02:49] 6.5.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - Undecided (Charlie Foxx, Inez Foxx) Soul
B4 [02:10] 6.4.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - Never Love A Robin (Luther Dixon, Thom Bell, Inez Foxx) Soul
B5 [03:40] 5.7.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - A Stranger I Don’t Know (Charlie Foxx) Soul
B6 [03:12] 5.0.png Inez and Charlie Foxx - I Love You 1,000 Times (Luther Dixon, Charlie Foxx) Soul
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