“All I Have Is Love” by Gregory Isaacs - album review

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TJR says

I’ve witnessed first hand the adoration for the cool ruler in his homeland and it’s not difficult to understand just why he was loved so much; he just soothes the pain away. Top cut on his second full length, “Help Us Get Over”, was first out as a 7″ in 1975 before settling down to live on the album.

Jah Jah please help us to get over, This life we live in misery, All that I see along my journey, each day, My people are brand with poverty, So many of them out there starving, Searching to find a bite to eat, So many of them without shelter, yeah, yeah, And some nuh get shoe upon their feet, So tell us how long will it take to get over, This life we live in misery, ‘Cause all that we see along the journey, My people are brand with poverty, yeah

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:03] 5.5.png Gregory Isaacs - Show Some Love (Gregory Isaacs) Reggae
A2 [03:12] 5.7.png Gregory Isaacs - Bend Down Low (Bob Marley) Reggae
A3 [02:35] 6.3.png Gregory Isaacs - All I Have Is Love [single version '75] (Gregory Isaacs) Reggae
A4 [03:13] 6.2.png Gregory Isaacs - Sinner Man (Gregory Isaacs) Reggae
A5 [02:59] 8.6.png Gregory Isaacs - Help Us Get Over (Gregory Isaacs) Reggae
A6 [03:23] 4.9.png Gregory Isaacs - Hold Me Tight (Johnny Nash) Reggae
B1 [02:53] 5.1.png Gregory Isaacs - The Promised Land (Gregory Isaacs) Reggae
B2 [02:28] 5.2.png Gregory Isaacs - Way Of Life (Gregory Isaacs) Reggae
B3 [02:29] 5.8.png Gregory Isaacs - Coming Home (Gregory Isaacs) Reggae
B4 [03:11] 5.2.png Gregory Isaacs - Lonely Lover (Gregory Isaacs) Reggae
B5 [02:42] 6.1.png Gregory Isaacs - Since You Been Away (Gregory Isaacs) Reggae
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