“Green On Red” by Green On Red - album review

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TJR says

Green On Red's first (mini) album was released on Steve Wynn's Down There label in the summer of '82. Whilst the woozy keyboards keep them attached to a certain 60s Garage vibe, they're generally positioned at the crossroads where Television's brand of Art-Rock will shortly give way to R.E.M.'s new style College-Rock. The LA-based quartet lined-up: Dan Stuart (guitar, vocals); Chris Cacavas (keyboards, vocals); Jack Waterson (bass) and Alex MacNicol (drums). A fine record.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:16] 7.2.png Green On Red - Death And Angels (Dan Stuart, Chris Cacavas) Indie
A2 [03:26] 5.2.png Green On Red - Hair And Skin (Dan Stuart, Chris Cacavas) New Wave
A3 [02:35] 6.2.png Green On Red - Black Night (Dan Stuart, Chris Cacavas) New Wave
A4 [03:39] 8.6.png Green On Red - Illustrated Crawling (Dan Stuart, Chris Cacavas) Indie
B1 [03:29] 6.4.png Green On Red - Aspirin (Dan Stuart, Chris Cacavas) Indie
B2 [03:54] 5.0.png Green On Red - Lost World (Dan Stuart, Chris Cacavas) New Wave
B3 [03:12] 6.9.png Green On Red - Apartment 6 (Dan Stuart, Chris Cacavas) New Wave

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