“The Grand Tour” by George Jones - album review

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TJR says

Step right up, come on in, If you'd like to take the grand tour, Of a lonely house that once was home sweet home”. Now THAT'S how to start a country album. Stand by for tales of loves lost and hearts broken. Largely down to his alcoholism, the 42-year-old country star was going through his own real-life marital troubles with Tammy Wynette at this time; they would soon be divorced. “The Grand Tour” which opens the album in such jaw-dropping fashion was co-written by George Richey who would marry Tammy in a few years time. George's real-life sub-plots may well explain his ability to convey real emotion in his delivery. “As you leave you'll see the nursery, Oh, she left me without mercy, Taking nothing but our baby and my heart”. So ends the saddest home tour ever. The single gave George his sixth #1 in the Country charts. Nothing else touches the opener for me, but there's an undeniable vibrancy and a warmth to the set, for which producer Billy Sherrill takes much credit.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:06] 7.2.png George Jones - The Grand Tour (Norro Wilson, George Richey, Carmol Taylor) Country
A2 [02:05] 3.8.png George Jones - Darlin’ (Ray Griff) Country
A3 [02:59] 5.9.png George Jones - Pass Me By (If You’re Only Passing Through) (Hillman Hall) Country
A4 [02:45] 5.0.png George Jones - She’ll Love The One She’s With (Hank Cochran, Grady Martin) Country
A5 [02:40] 4.4.png George Jones - Once You’ve Had The Best (Johnny Paycheck) Country
B1 [02:14] 3.4.png George Jones - The Weatherman (Norro Wilson, George Richey, Carmol Taylor) Country
B2 [03:04] 5.0.png George Jones - Borrowed Angel (Mel Street) Country
B3 [02:54] 4.5.png George Jones - She Told Me So (Bobby Braddock) Country
B4 [02:06] 3.2.png George Jones - Mary Don’t Go ’Round (Earl Montgomery, Jimmy Richards) Country
B5 [02:30] 4.1.png George Jones - Who Will I Be Loving Now (Carmol Taylor, Agnes Wilson) Country
B6 [02:20] 4.8.png George Jones - Our Private Life (George Jones, Tammy Wynette) Country

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