“El Violento” by Fruko y sus Tesos - album review

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This Colombian salsa group were led strictly by multi-instrumentalist Julio Ernesto Estrada, commonly known as Fruko. His main two singers on this LP are Joe Arroyo (primary) and Wilson Manyoma (secondary), both of whom would go on to pursue solo careers.

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A1 [05:02] 5.8.png Fruko y sus Tesos - Tronco Seco (Lila Murillo) Latin
A2 [02:26] 5.7.png Fruko y sus Tesos - El Violento (Julio Ernesto Estrada) Latin
A3 [03:25] 5.0.png Fruko y sus Tesos - Nadando (Senén Palacio) Latin
A4 [03:42] 4.8.png Fruko y sus Tesos - La Nueva Bamba (Rafael Benitez) Latin
A5 [04:34] 4.4.png Fruko y sus Tesos - To Solo Tu (Felipe Valdés Leal) Latin
B1 [04:14] 4.8.png Fruko y sus Tesos - Salsa Na Ma (Julio Ernesto Estrada) Latin
B2 [04:23] 4.9.png Fruko y sus Tesos - Alma Navideña (Jacky Carazo, Mike Char) Latin
B3 [03:09] 5.0.png Fruko y sus Tesos - Lamento Cubano (Eliseo Grenet) Latin
B4 [06:57] 6.0.png Fruko y sus Tesos - Mosaico Matancero: Vamos Pa’l Campo; La Nochebuena; Rumba En Navidad (Claudio Ferrer - Coco Lagos - J. Vásquez, Lino Frías) Latin
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