“Finbar And Eddie Furey” by Finbar and Eddie Furey - album review

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TJR says

Back in 1960, for £2 each, these child protégés were playing in O’Donoghues; they were still school kids at the time! Maybe it’s not too surprising really; Ted and Nora (Mum and Dad) were well known musicians themselves, and encouraged their sons to play music from a very early age – there was live traditional music in their house almost nightly. Fast forward 8 years; by the time of their debut album Finbar (mainly pipes) was 21 and Eddie (mainly guitar and vocals) was 22. At this stage, the restless young lads were almost like missionaries, and it’s quite well recognised that their tours as a duo went some considerable way to popularizing the pipes worldwide, their stirring performances often commanding standing ovations. This set includes an amazing array of instruments; whistles, pipes, bodhrans, guitars and whatever you’re having yourself. It includes some terrific stuff. All told, there are 6 with vocals and 8 instrumentals – and they can be equally captivating in any style. The bodhran and pipes of the “The Spanish Cloak” serves as a rip roaring instrumental start to the set. Finbar’s flute and Eddie’s acoustic guitar then lead the album with the excellent “Come By The Hills”, a song written by Scottish TV producer Gordon Smith. The words are set to the traditional Irish air “Buchal an Eire”. With the opening one-two they’ve set the bar highly, and although they cannot quite maintain this standard it’s meaty enough all the same, with much to commend it, including a fantastic traditional “The Curragh of Kildare”, and a sympathetic reading of Shay Healy’s “This Town is Not Our Own”, a song about the struggles of travellers seeking acceptance in urban communities. The boys own father was a showman and he met their mother when he was working at a Fair. These boys are true to their roots and they’re a credit to their kin…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [01:33] 8.6.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - The Spanish Cloak (Traditional) Folk
A2 [04:06] 8.9.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - Come By The Hills (Gordon Smith) Folk
A3 [02:49] 7.2.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - The Mountain Of The Women (Sliabhna Mban) (Traditional) Folk
A4 [03:12] 7.0.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - Dainty Davy (Traditional) Folk
A5 [01:37] 5.7.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - Tattered Jack Welch (Jig) (Traditional) Folk
A6 [04:31] 7.1.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - The Flowers In The Valley (Traditional) Folk
A7 [01:17] 5.7.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - Pigeon On The Gate (Reel) (Traditional) Folk
B1 [01:03] 5.7.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - Graham’s Flat (Jig) (Finbar Furey) Folk
B2 [03:51] 6.3.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - Leezy Lindsay (Traditional) Folk
B3 [01:51] 6.0.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - Piper In The Meadow Straying (Set Dance) (Traditional) Folk
B4 [04:47] 8.7.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - The Curragh Of Kildare (Traditional) Folk
B5 [03:49] 6.6.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - Ned Of The Hill (Eamonn An Chnuic) (Traditional) Folk
B6 [03:54] 6.3.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - This Town Is Not Your Own (Shay Healy) Folk
B7 [01:43] 6.2.png Finbar and Eddie Furey - Rocking The Baby (Jig) (Traditional) Folk

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