“The English And Scottish Popular Ballads: Vol. 3” by Ewan MacColl - album review

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TJR says

Ewan revisits the Child Ballads, recorded by Moe Asch. At least 3 tracks are reworkings from the back catalogue.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [10:33] 5.3.png Ewan MacColl - The Broom Of Cowdenknowes (Traditional) Folk
A2 [08:48] 5.6.png Ewan MacColl - Captain Wedderburn’s Courtship (Traditional) Folk
A3 [06:00] 5.2.png Ewan MacColl - Fair Ellen (Traditional) Folk
B1 [06:30] 6.9.png Ewan MacColl - Sweet William (Traditional) Folk
B2 [04:40] 5.5.png Ewan MacColl - The Elfin Knight [1964 version] (Traditional) Folk
B3 [05:13] 5.2.png Ewan MacColl - Glenogie (Traditional) Folk
B4 [03:29] 4.7.png Ewan MacColl - Henry Martin (Traditional) Folk

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