“Édith Piaf Sings Again” by Édith Piaf - album review

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TJR says

The first of three new Édith Piaf LPs to be issued in 1951, and the first which could perhaps be deemed as a true new music album, with all songs having been recorded in 1950. The set opens with “Hymn To Love” where, shock-horror, Édith resorts to the English language. Schmaltz uncovered – it’s not a good look. The tone of the album is too nice and pretty for me – “Le Chevalier De Paris” emerges as the only selection which stirs me any.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:22] 3.8.png Édith Piaf - Hymn To Love (Marguerite Monnot, Eddie Constantine) Crooner / Cabaret
A2 [03:17] 3.7.png Édith Piaf - Il Fait Bon T’aimer (Jacques Plante, Norbert Glanzberg) Crooner / Cabaret
A3 [03:01] 6.2.png Édith Piaf - Le Chevalier De Paris (Philippe Gérard, Angèle Vannier) Crooner / Cabaret
A4 [03:06] 4.2.png Édith Piaf - Il Y Avait (Charles Aznavour, Pierre Roche) Crooner / Cabaret
B1 [03:20] 4.8.png Édith Piaf - Tous Les Amoureux Chantent (Carles R. Louiguy, Marguerite Monnot) Crooner / Cabaret
B2 [03:16] 4.5.png Édith Piaf - Simply A Waltz (Norman Wallace) Crooner / Cabaret
B3 [03:16] 5.2.png Édith Piaf - C’est D’la Faute (Édith Giovanna Gassion, Robert Chauvigny) Crooner / Cabaret
B4 [03:03] 4.8.png Édith Piaf - La Fête Continue (Michel Emer) Crooner / Cabaret
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