“Chansons Des Cafés De Paris [1948]” by Édith Piaf - album review

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TJR says

Following her highly successful 1947 American tour, Édith Piaf’s stock was high, and she was all set for the worldwide acclaim and stardom that would last until her untimely demise early in the 1960s. That she could return strong retail sales in English speaking countries with albums sung entirely in French speaks volumes for the strength of character and drama that she, and her chosen orchestras, were able to convey. “Les Cloches Sonnent” (the ringing bells), which featured her own lyrics, provides a stirring start – quintessentially French, and a very uniquely Édith experience. Alas, they don’t all grip me as much as that. “Monsieur Ernest A Reussi” (from 1945 and the only selection not to have been recorded in 47/48) is the only other tune of the six to take my fancy – it evokes the appealing image of the jovial Parisian Taverne. Très jolie.

The Jukebox Rebel

A [02:59] 7.0.png Édith Piaf - Les Cloches Sonnent (Marguerite Monnot, Édith Giovanna Gassion) Crooner / Cabaret
B [03:13] 4.8.png Édith Piaf - Si Tu Partais (Michel Emer) Crooner / Cabaret
C [03:31] 4.8.png Édith Piaf - Le Geste (Michel Emer) Crooner / Cabaret
D [03:31] 6.5.png Édith Piaf - Monsieur Ernest A Reussi (Michel Emer) Crooner / Cabaret
E [03:11] 4.6.png Édith Piaf - Monsieur X (Michel Emer, Roger Gozé) Crooner / Cabaret
F [02:33] 4.1.png Édith Piaf - Amour Du Mois De Mai (Jacques Larue, Voldemar Rosenberg) Crooner / Cabaret
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