“Sunshine Superman [1967]” by Donovan - album review

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TJR says

This is a compilation LP - Pye NPL 18181, released in the UK in summer, 1967 and not to be confused with the 1966 U.S. album of the same name on Epic LN24217. Due to the contractual dispute between Pye Records and Epic Records, Donovan’s releases were held back in the UK throughout 1966 and early 1967. During this time, Donovan released Sunshine Superman and Mellow Yellow in the US. To catch up to the Epic Records schedule in America, Pye Records compiled a cross-section of both albums and titled it “Sunshine Superman”. It was released in the UK in June 1967 and reached #25 in the British charts.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:16] 8.6.png Donovan - Sunshine Superman (Donovan Leitch) Psychedelia
A2 [06:55] 7.1.png Donovan - Legend Of A Girl Child Linda (Donovan Leitch) Folk
A3 [02:22] 5.6.png Donovan - The Observation (Donovan Leitch) Jazz
A4 [03:40] 6.4.png Donovan - Guinevere (Donovan Leitch) Folk
A5 [04:11] 7.8.png Donovan - Celeste (Donovan Leitch) Songwriter
A6 [04:30] 6.7.png Donovan - Writer In The Sun (Donovan Leitch) Psychedelia
B1 [04:57] 8.7.png Donovan - Season Of The Witch (Donovan Leitch) Psychedelia
B2 [04:42] 8.2.png Donovan - Hampstead Incident (Donovan Leitch) Songwriter
B3 [03:19] 6.6.png Donovan - Sand And Foam (Donovan Leitch) Folk
B4 [03:48] 6.7.png Donovan - Young Girl Blues (Donovan Leitch) Songwriter
B5 [03:16] 6.0.png Donovan - Three King Fishers (Donovan Leitch) Psychedelia
B6 [03:58] 7.6.png Donovan - Bert’s Blues (Donovan Leitch) Jazz

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