“A Broken Frame” by Depeche Mode - album review

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TJR says

With the departure of Vince Clarke, the band are now a core trio of Dave Gahan (vocals) with Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher (both keyboards). Songwriter Martin Gore describes the record as “our worst album”. Clearly, a harsh self-critic. Lyrically, it may not bristle with the great works of a Zimmerman, but musically there’s a healthier turn away from the disposable and into the keeper. Any post-Clarke commercial worries were expelled by three Top 20 singles in 1982, all of which are included here: “See You” (an enjoyable pop single), “The Meaning of Love” (fluff) and “Leave in Silence” (the first Depeche Mode classic). Artistically, the record shows some clear signs that, slowly and steadily, forward progress is being made…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:51] 9.0.png Depeche Mode - Leave In Silence (Martin Gore) Alternative Dance
A2 [04:46] 5.7.png Depeche Mode - My Secret Garden (Martin Gore) New Wave
A3 [03:15] 6.3.png Depeche Mode - Monument (Martin Gore) Electronica
A4 [04:18] 6.0.png Depeche Mode - Nothing To Fear (Martin Gore) Electronica
A5 [04:34] 6.6.png Depeche Mode - See You (Martin Gore) Pop
B1 [04:44] 4.7.png Depeche Mode - Satellite (Martin Gore) Reggae
B2 [03:06] 5.0.png Depeche Mode - The Meaning Of Love (Martin Gore) Pop
B3 [03:04] 3.8.png Depeche Mode - A Photograph Of You (Martin Gore) Pop
B4 [03:12] 6.4.png Depeche Mode - Shouldn’t Have Done That (Martin Gore) Songwriter
B5 [05:02] 5.8.png Depeche Mode - The Sun And The Rainfall (Martin Gore) New Wave

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