“At Budokan” by Cheap Trick - album review

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TJR says

Their best-selling long-player recorded over the course of two nights on April 28th and April 30th, 1978 at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:27] 2.5.png Cheap Trick - Hello There [live '78] (Rick Nielsen) Rock
A2 [03:03] 2.2.png Cheap Trick - Come On, Come On [live '78] (Rick Nielsen) Rock
A3 [03:15] 3.7.png Cheap Trick - Lookout [live '78] (Rick Nielsen) Rock
A4 [03:47] 3.1.png Cheap Trick - Big Eyes [live '78] (Rick Nielsen) Rock
A5 [09:07] 3.0.png Cheap Trick - Need Your Love [live '78] (Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson) Rock
B1 [05:10] 3.9.png Cheap Trick - Ain’t That A Shame [live ’78 album version] (Antoine Domino, Dave Bartholomew) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B2 [03:38] 4.2.png Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me [live '78] (Rick Nielsen) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
B3 [04:40] 4.5.png Cheap Trick - Surrender [live '78] (Rick Nielsen) Rock
B4 [02:42] 2.5.png Cheap Trick - Goodnight Now [live '78] (Rick Nielsen) Rock
B5 [04:11] 2.7.png Cheap Trick - Clock Strikes Ten [live '78] (Rick Nielsen) Rock

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