“Make Mine Country” by Charley Pride - album review

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TJR says

Buy this album friends, and I guarantee you'll take home a little of the soul of country music. Ol' Faron wouldn't put you on. You all know my taste - MAKE MINE COUNTRY and I'll listen with Pride!” Faron Young's liner notes are as cheesy as half of this set.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:17] 3.9.png Charley Pride - Now I Can Live Again (Jack Clement) Country
A2 [03:41] 3.7.png Charley Pride - A Word Or Two To Mary (Vince Bulla, Peter Cotton) Country
A3 [01:52] 2.1.png Charley Pride - If You Should Come Back Today (Johnny Mathis, Harlan Howard) Country
A4 [01:55] 1.7.png Charley Pride - Guess Things Happen That Way (Jack Clement) Country
A5 [02:14] 2.3.png Charley Pride - Before The Next Teardrop Falls (Ben Peters, Vivian Keith) Country
A6 [02:50] 1.9.png Charley Pride - Banks Of The Ohio (Traditional) Country
B1 [02:23] 3.4.png Charley Pride - Wings Of A Dove (Bob Ferguson) Country
B2 [02:44] 4.8.png Charley Pride - A Girl I Used To Know (Jack Clement) Country
B3 [02:42] 2.0.png Charley Pride - Lie To Me (Harold Dorman, Wiley Gann) Country
B4 [02:17] 3.6.png Charley Pride - Why Didn’t I Think Of That (Clay Allen, Jack Green, James Glaser) Country
B5 [02:08] 3.0.png Charley Pride - Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love) (Harlan Howard) Country
B6 [02:23] 4.5.png Charley Pride - Baby Is Gone (Jack Clement) Country

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