“Catch Bull At Four” by Cat Stevens - album review

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TJR says

I always hesitate to dive in for the full embrace - a bit too soft at times - but I've found him to consistently have something to offer for the third album in a row. Any dis-satisfaction that I have is exemplified with the first-half one-two of “Angelsea” (a lively, gritty and imaginative folk-rocker) followed by “Silent Sunlight” (a piano ballad which puts me in mind of Elton John). A massive success for the 24-year-old, “Catch Bull At Four” gave him his only #1 album in the States, and a #2 hit in the UK.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:14] 5.1.png Cat Stevens - Sitting (Steven Georgiou) Songwriter
A2 [05:57] 6.4.png Cat Stevens - The Boy With A Moon And Star On His Head (Steven Georgiou) Folk
A3 [04:30] 7.1.png Cat Stevens - Angelsea (Steven Georgiou) Folk Rock / Americana
A4 [03:00] 4.8.png Cat Stevens - Silent Sunlight (Steven Georgiou) Songwriter
A5 [02:59] 6.9.png Cat Stevens - Can’t Keep It In (Steven Georgiou) Cerebral Pop
B1 [04:21] 5.1.png Cat Stevens - 18th Avenue (Kansas City Nightmare) (Steven Georgiou) Songwriter
B2 [03:40] 5.2.png Cat Stevens - Freezing Steel (Steven Georgiou) Folk Rock / Americana
B3 [03:41] 5.8.png Cat Stevens - O’ Caritas (Andreas Toumazis, Jeremy Taylor, Steven Georgiou) Folk
B4 [03:49] 5.0.png Cat Stevens - Sweet Scarlet (Steven Georgiou) Songwriter
B5 [04:24] 5.0.png Cat Stevens - Ruins (Steven Georgiou) Folk Rock / Americana

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