“Dylan” by Bob Dylan - album review

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TJR says

Following mutual dis-satisfaction, Bob Dylan split from Columbia Records, his lifelong label to this point. Before he could release new material on Asylum Records, Columbia were quick to market with “Dylan” marketed as a new album although the previously unreleased material (all cover versions) had been gathering dust in the vaults for a few years. The first seven tracks were recorded in June 1970 in the “New Morning” sessions, whilst album closers “A Fool Such As I” and “Spanish Is The Loving Tongue” were recorded in April 1969 in the “Self Portrait” sessions. Little gains pass marks, and some of the material is simply dreadful “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and the aforementioned “A Fool Such As I” being held up as a case for the prosecution. No point him sayin’ he didn’t authorize this LP – he still recorded the stuff in the first place. This is what it sounds like on desecration row…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:44] 5.4.png Bob Dylan - Lily Of The West (Traditional) Folk
A2 [04:17] 3.1.png Bob Dylan - Can’t Help Falling In Love (George David Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore) Pop Ballad
A3 [02:43] 4.7.png Bob Dylan - Sarah Jane (Traditional) Pop
A4 [05:08] 7.1.png Bob Dylan - The Ballad Of Ira Hayes (Peter LaFarge) Folk
B1 [05:31] 4.4.png Bob Dylan - Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker) Songwriter
B2 [02:40] 4.6.png Bob Dylan - Mary Ann (Traditional) Folk
B3 [02:12] 5.9.png Bob Dylan - Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell) Folk
B4 [02:41] 3.5.png Bob Dylan - A Fool Such As I (Bill Trader) Pop
B5 [04:13] 4.0.png Bob Dylan - Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (Charles Badger Clark) Songwriter

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