“Follow! Follow!” by Blue Boys Of Ibrox - album review

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TJR says

Mainly “pro Rangers football-only”, however “The Sash”, “Billy Boys” and “No Surrender” are all here albeit with no literal prophanity, lyrically. Aside from the fact that these 3 songs, with the lyrics of misguided fools, all score 0, I always enjoyed the accordion-drum sound, the album generally does well on that score. The vocals aren’t very good, and I’ve clearly knocked hefty points off due to my general dissaproval of this particular team.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [01:35] 3.0.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - The Blue Flag (Traditional) Folk
A2 [02:17] 2.9.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - Follow, Follow (Traditional) Folk
A3 [02:40] 1.7.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - Rangers For Me (Traditional) Folk
A4 [02:14] 3.4.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - The Famous Glasgow Rangers (Traditional) Folk
A5 [02:51] 4.5.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - Medley : A) She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain, B) We Shall Not Be Moved, C) Glory, Glory (Traditional) Folk
B1 [02:35] 2.7.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - Who’s That Team They Call The Rangers? (Traditional) Folk
B2 [01:57] 0.0.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - The Blue Billy Boys (Traditional) Folk
B3 [03:05] 0.0.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - The Sash My Father Wore (Traditional) Folk
B4 [01:19] 0.0.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - No Surrender (Traditional) Folk
B5 [02:52] 2.0.png Blue Boys Of Ibrox - Medley : A) Orange Lilly’ O, B) Follow, Follow, C) The Blue Flag, D) Scotland The Brave (Traditional) Folk

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