“The Billy Connolly Collection” by Billy Connolly - album review

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Compiles extensively from the earlier albums.

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A1 [04:12] 8.3.png Billy Connolly - Stainless Steel Wellies [live] (Billy Connolly) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A2 [04:36] 5.0.png Billy Connolly - Song For A Small Man [live] (Billy Connolly) Songwriter
A3a [09:50] 5.5.png Billy Connolly - A Life In The Day Of [live] (Billy Connolly) Comedy
A3b [01:35] 6.2.png Billy Connolly - Last Train To Glasgow Central [live] (Billy Connolly) Folk
B1 [03:17] 5.7.png Billy Connolly - Give Me A Little Of Your Time [live] (Billy Connolly) Folk
B2 [15:31] 6.7.png Billy Connolly - The Crucifixion [live] (Billy Connolly) Comedy
C1 [02:35] 5.1.png Billy Connolly - Silk Pyjamas (Billy Connolly) Jazz
C2 [02:59] 6.9.png Billy Connolly - Everybody Knows That (Billy Connolly) Folk
C3a [04:04] 5.6.png Billy Connolly - Glasgow Accents [live] (Billy Connolly) Comedy
C3b [04:59] 6.3.png Billy Connolly - Ten Guitars [live] (Billy Connolly) Folk
C4 [04:15] 7.0.png Billy Connolly - Why Don’t They Come Back To Dunoon (K. King, Billy Connolly) Folk
D1 [03:03] 7.7.png Billy Connolly - Short Haired Police Cadet (Incorporating ‘Long Haired Lover From Liverpool’) [live] (Chris Dowden, Billy Connolly) Novelty
D2 [06:57] 6.0.png Billy Connolly - Harry Campbell And The Heavies [live] (Billy Connolly) Comedy
D3 [16:03] 4.5.png Billy Connolly - The Jobbie Wheecha! [live] (Billy Connolly) Folk
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