“Ndo Shavha Tshikolo” by Alpheus Ramavhea - album review

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TJR says

Having established himself as a well-known composer, singer-guitarist and band leader in his own Venda region through exposure on Radio Thohoyandou, Alpheus was out to expand his listenership and, inspired by Irene Mawela's success as a Venda artist, was drawn to Johannesburg in the late 1970s, where he would connect with the Mavuthela Music Company, a division of Gallo Africa. Details on his recording output are scarce, but it's known that he released a string of singles on their Igagasi imprint, as well as two albums, “Takalani” (1981) and “Ndo Shavha Tshikolo” (1982). Naturally Mawela sung backing vocals on his records, which were brilliantly enhanced by legendary guitarist and producer, Marks Mankwane. Alpheus brings his own unique style to the work, kinda casual but engaging, with a whole lot of winning charm. There's not a bad song on this exhilarating set, which is packed with classics. It's obviously near impossible for a westerner (or even most South Africans) to understand the Venda language, but translations on side one include “Murathu Wanga” (“My Younger Brother”), “Vhuhadzi” (“Marriage”), “Tshililo” (“Crying”) and “Mufarekano” (“Mistress / Lover”). As best I can read it, side two has “Musadzi Wa Tshidakwa” (“A Drunkard Of A Woman”), “Lufuno” (“Love”) and “Ndo Shavha Tshikolo” (“I Ran Away From School”). Songs of lives lived by the sounds of it, and la joie de vivre is palpable.

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A1 [03:07] 9.0.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Nina Vivho (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
A2 [03:02] 8.9.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Murathu Wanga (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
A3 [03:06] 9.5.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Vhuhadzi (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
A4 [03:33] 9.1.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Muhadzinga (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
A5 [03:04] 9.4.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Tshililo (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
A6 [03:25] 9.7.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Mufarekano (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
B1 [03:17] 9.1.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Nido Vhuya (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
B2 [03:02] 8.7.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Musadzi Wa Tshidakwa (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
B3 [03:10] 9.5.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Magidi Mphoa (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
B4 [02:59] 8.4.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Na Ndimini (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
B5 [02:59] 8.9.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Lufuno (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
B6 [03:11] 8.5.png Alpheus Ramavhea - Ndo Shavha Tshikolo (Alpheus Ramavhea) Africana
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