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Song ratings

I rate individual songs (or pieces) on a 101 point scale from 0 to 10, incrementally rising by one decimal place. Simply, these ratings express how strongly each track impacts on me. Yes, I am perfectly aware of my own ridiculousness, thank you very much ; - )

Those of you who've ever tried to compile your favourite lists from collections tens of thousands songs strong, will understand why it needs to be done!

To assist myself in the ratings task, I drafted up my own personal guidelines as follows:

rating description %
10.0.png “Utterly perfect” 1.4%
9.5.png 9.9.png “All-time classic” 2.3%
9.0.png 9.4.png “Classic” 3.1%
8.5.png 8.9.png “Excellent” 3.6%
8.0.png 8.4.png “Fantastic” 4.3%
7.5.png 7.9.png “Great” 6.2%
7.0.png 7.4.png “Really good” 7.8%
6.5.png 6.9.png “Good” 10.3%
6.0.png 6.4.png “Quite good” 11.1%
5.5.png 5.9.png “Alright” 10.2%
5.0.png 5.4.png “Average” 10.3%
4.5.png 4.9.png “Unaffecting” 6.9%
4.0.png 4.4.png “Lame” 5.6%
3.5.png 3.9.png “Very poor” 3.7%
3.0.png 3.4.png “Terrible” 3.7%
2.0.png 2.9.png “Dire” 4.4%
1.0.png 1.9.png “Embarrassing” 3.0%
0.0.png 0.9.png “Pathetically abysmal” 2.1%
  • collection % based on 161,439 tracks rated @ 16-Nov-2018
  • the mean is 5.8.png
  • doesn't take account of the (many) doublers at this stage so figures could be slightly skewed
  • perhaps a bit heavy on the 10s; might need to re-appraise some of them when the year-end song charts get done

Album ratings

Album ratings (aka Rebel Ratings) couldn’t be simpler. They are calculated as the average rating of the songs contained within. What could be truer than that? To assist with chart order, I run the ratings to 2 decimal places. Don't look at me like that. Bonus tracks and recorded silence tracks are always excluded from the calculation.

rating description %
9.50.png 10.00.png “An elite masterpiece” 0.2%
9.00.png 9.49.png “A masterpiece” 0.9%
8.50.png 8.99.png “A classic” 2.1%
8.00.png 8.49.png “Excellent” 4.1%
7.50.png 7.99.png “Brilliant” 7.3%
7.00.png 7.49.png “Really good” 10.4%
6.50.png 6.99.png “Good” 13.4%
6.00.png 6.49.png “Decent enough” 15%
5.50.png 5.99.png “Average” 13.2%
5.00.png 5.49.png “Below average” 9.9%
4.50.png 4.99.png “Poor” 7.1%
4.00.png 4.49.png “Lame” 5%
3.00.png 3.99.png “Terrible” 6.7%
2.00.png 2.99.png “Dire” 3%
1.00.png 1.99.png “An embarrassment” 1.4%
0.00.png 0.99.png “Pathetically abysmal” 0.3%
  • collection % based on 8,026 albums rated @ 16-Nov-2018
  • combines 5,747 “A-list” and 2,279 “B-list” albums, with all doublers expunged from the calculation
  • the mean is 5.95.png
  • still searching for my first perfect 10 album : - O

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